Oil and Gas Supplies and Services

A- The scope of Services is as follows:
• Well Testing Services, Early Production Facilities Services, down hole and Surface Jet Pump Equipment and Services, Wellhead Maintenance, Wire line Services, BHPTS Services, PVT Sampling Services and other integrated services.
• Mud engineering and chemicals, providing specialized drilling fluid solutions to oil and gas industry.
• 2D & 3D seismic,
• Drilling rigs services, Work over rigs services, Directional drilling, Horizontal drilling,
• Coil Tubing services, Logging services, Waste Management Services, Cementing Services,

B- While the Procurement of petroleum equipment from reputable manufacturers, who hold API certificates and strict ISO standards are being implemented as the following:
• Seamless and welded Line Pipes, OCTG Casing and Tubing, Drill Pipes and HWD Pipes, Drill Collars
• Drilling Rigs & Drilling Equipment, Casing Accessories,
• Process equipment, Separators, Pressure Vessels, Heaters, Well testing Units.
• Work over Rigs & Production Equipment, Pumping Units, Sucker & Polished rods, ESP and service center
• Tongs, Elevators, Clamps, Pup Joints & X-Over
• Grease for Drill pipes …
• Coil Tubing package
• Diesel and Gas Generators
• Gas Compressors
• Valves